Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?

EFT, founded by Dr. Sue Johnson, is a thoroughly researched and evidence-based therapy rooted in attachment theory, family systems theory, and person-centered therapy. It has a documented success rate of 73% and an improvement rate of 90%. It provides a roadmap of recovery for couples who have either drifted apart through neglect and distractions or have been driven apart by painful attachment injuries such as an affair. EFT is a structured therapy engaging three unique stages. The first stage is de-escalation of the current crisis and increased awareness of the destructive cycles of withdrawal and isolation that threaten the future of the relationship. The second stage involves increasing emotional awareness of harmful relationship patterns, addressing trust and forgiveness, creating corrective emotional experiences, and experiencing emotional reengagement. The third stage develops new and lasting relationship bonds based on sensitivity to attachment needs and emotional safety.

EFT Couples Therapy

Over the span of my career I’ve engaged a variety of therapeutic specialties including cognitive-behavioral therapy, business coaching, mediation (Rule 31), and advanced supervision. However, I’ve found my therapeutic home in Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy. I appreciate the research that supports EFT and find the therapy has lasting results for many of the couples I serve. I’m also a fan of  John Gottman’s work and sometimes blend the two approaches during the initial or final stage of therapy.


MFT & LPC Supervision

I am an Approved Supervisor by AAMFT. I supervise both MFT and LPC candidates for licensure. I also provide supervision for those qualifying to be MFT supervisors. My fee is $80 for individual, $40 for triadic, and $25 for group supervision. Twice a year (December and July) I host a 5 hour group intensive for $100.

I take a developmental approach to supervision where I try to meet the supervisee where they are in their clinical experience and skills. Usually, a session begins with any pending ethical or legal issues followed by case presentation and attention to professional self-care.

Kristen Moore


Dr. Stone provided excellent supervision while I was working toward my Marriage and Family Therapy License. During my time practicing under Dr. Stone, I worked in agency, non-profit and private practice settings. Dr. Stone aided in case conceptualization, provided sound clinical judgment and helped me form creative solutions for each case I brought to supervision. In addition to his clinical expertise, Dr. Stone offered empathy and encouragement on hard days and praise and celebration when I encountered even the smallest of victories. He was intentional about checking in regarding how I was as a person, not just as a therapist, and reminded me of the importance of self-care. The load of a therapist is heavy, but working with Dr. Stone has helped the load feel lighter and provided a continual reminder that this work is holy, and it’s worth it. I highly recommend Dr. Stone for clinical supervision.

Rachel Benson

I am deeply grateful to have been supervised by Dr. Eddie Stone. As a therapist in community mental health, Dr. Stone provided keen insight coupled with unconditional support which was crucial to combat burn out. With Dr. Stone, my therapeutic techniques, individual growth, and self reflection were challenged and sifted. I have nothing but the highest praises and recommendations for all those entering into the counseling profession.

Eboni S. Long


During my matriculation at Lee University in the Master's of Marriage and Family Therapy program, I was blessed to be instructed by Dr. Stone. We immediately developed a friendly rapport. I learned so much from him and thoroughly enjoyed his therapeutic approach, that when I graduated and needed clinical licensure supervision, the only person that came to mind was Dr. Stone. Gratefully he was available and willing. Under his direct supervision I grew as a clinician, Christian, and person. Dr. Stone cares about the clients he supervises and he cares, greatly, about his supervisees. His approach to supervision helps the clinician create their own solutions (much like in the therapy room) through exploring feelings and attachments. Fortunately, I have been able to rely on Dr. Stone throughout my career, now as colleague, whose opinion and advice I gravely respect. I can only hope that others have the same experiences in their relationship with him.

Megan Godbee


Dr. Stone’s supervision has not only provided excellent education and guidance through many tough issues of complex trauma, attachment injuries and family dysfunctions, but also provided a distinguished counsel professionally and more importantly, personally within my career as a Marriage & Family Therapist.

Julie Gardenhire

Ph.D., MFT

Dr. Stone is a phenomenal supervisor. His years of experience, both as a therapist and supervisor, allow him to provide unique insight for growing clinicians. Guided by Dr. Stone, I felt confident as I encountered numerous challenges as a young clinician in the field marriage and family therapy.

Nathan Grubb


During my time with Dr. Stone as my Clinical Supervisor, he gave me the tools needed to become an adequate licensed counselor. His knowledge and experience in counseling makes him more than qualified to be a Clinical Supervisor. I'm now in private practice, and my time with him gives me the confidence of being successful in this field.

Josh Gebhardt


A unique characteristic of Dr. Stone, as a supervisor, is his ability connect spiritual principles with clinical approaches to mental health services. Dr. Stone showers his supervisees with resources both personally and professionally. He understands the most important aspect of care: the clinician’s well-being. Dr. Stone is generous with his time and is always available to answer questions or provide a listening ear. As a supervisee, you can expect a compassionate and caring voice paired well with experience and confidence. I gleamed strength and positivity after each supervision appointment.

Cody Manning


Dr. Stone has always provided me with wise guidance and peaceful reassurance in the middle of tough situations and in dealing with some of my most resistant clients. I am grateful for a supervisor with experience as well as somebody who is able to lift my spirits with some much needed laughter when addressing the challenges of being a therapist.


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